The Sierra Leone Training Team


  • Since 2010 we have worked with a team of college graduates to deliver a range of learning programmes.  In 2015, we are seeking to develop a permanent team of six teachers, volunteers and teaching assistants.


Continuous Professional Development

  • We will be using a framework called ‘Outstanding Teaching’.  The skills that a teacher possesses and demonstrates are varied and often unrecognised by the teachers themselves.
  • WCC will use ‘Outstanding Teaching’ to help develop the craft of teaching and help build a culture of workforce learning.  This will become a key part of the teachers’ self-review process.528793_390493004348339_482140726_n
  • WCC will use it as a way of assessing skill sets and for setting an agenda for improvement.

Secure Area For Teachers

  • All our teachers can access course materials and relevant schedules via the online portal. Although this is merely a secure support mechanism, it allows easy administration and centralised control.

Teaching Resources – Request Permission

Practice That Feels Like Play – Dynamic Adaptive Learning

Reception Math and English

Year 1 Math and English

Year 2 Math and English

Year 3 Math and English

Year 4 Math and English

Year 5 Math and English

Year 6 Math and English

Year 7 Math and English

Year 8 Math and English

Year 9 Math and English

Year 10 Math and English

Year 11 Math and English

Year 12 Math and English

Year 13 Math and English


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