Impacting Young Lives In Sierra Leone – A Registered U.S. 501(c)(3) Charity | U.K. Charity # 1136070 | Sierra Leone National NGO #NNGO/642

Lighting Africa Akon

Polly Galita “Great that Tioman was able to be part of this event and make a difference for these African Children. Thank you Bernice Langley for helping with Sierra Leone next year we will definitely have our youths attending! Beyan Flomo Pewee Pewee Thank you Pewee for trying with Liberia again next year we will definitely have attendance and I am looking forward in working with you organisation Jonathan Hartwell Thank you for trying in the DRC and again the DRC will have attendance. Bruce-Lee Houssou Thank you for getting attendance from Benin. Aminatou Daouda Hainikoye Thank you for trying in Niger. AKON Akon Lighting Africa Karen Korponai Thione Niang Making a difference for Lighting Africa Akon” Click here for video

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