Impacting Young Lives In Sierra Leone – A Registered U.S. 501(c)(3) Charity | U.K. Charity # 1136070 | Sierra Leone National NGO #NNGO/642

WCC Charity Volunteers

Help us provide hope for a better future for children and young people in Africa.
We are looking for enthusiastic volunteers in the UK US and Sierra Leone who are willing to make impacts and involved in our activities.(
World Changing Centre is committed to creating change in the world around us. By mobilizing volunteers we believe we can overcome many development challenges that face Africa today. Many people have convinced themselves that they personally cannot create change. They believe that their government officials are only those best positioned to make a difference. This thinking has no basis in fact. It is certainly true that many dedicated government officials and those working at multilateral organizations accomplish a great many things. However, the fact is that they alone cannot solve our world’s most serious challenges without substantial public participation. Task

Types1-Speak with student groups..2-Fundraising and Marketing Assistance .3-Media outreach .4-Social Media5-Writing 6-Research /bidding. We seek applicants who are highly motivated to make a profound difference. They will be given a chance to become highly responsible.

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Charity Reg. Number: 1136070

World Changing Centre | Impacting Young Lives In Sierra Leone – U.K. Charity # 1136070

The World Changing Centre is a dynamic charitable organisation which was formed in 2007 to change and impact the lives of children and young people. Since its…

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